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What is a Naked Latte (Naked Lady)?

Naked Portafilter

Give up?  Well it's a latte made with a shot of naked espresso, which is actually a double shot. The secret to making it is in our special porta-filter attachment to the espresso machine which creates a rich creamy coffee due to its unique design. 

It costs a little bit more to make espresso this way because it takes more ground espresso beans to get each shot, but I am sure you will agree that it is well worth it once you try one. 

We make our espresso drinks using this process because we love coffee and we want you to experience espresso at its very best. We think that the more you know about coffee the more you will want to drink the best. 

The so called tiger-striping,  as seen on the left is a good indication that a perfect naked espresso shot is on its way. more about Naked Coffee here

You can see this process in action in the short video below.

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