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Now Serving Nativa Yerba Mate

Now Serving Yerba Mate

Discover a Natural Lower-Caffeine Energy Drink!

We are proud to serving a delicious alternative to coffee and black tea. Yerba Mate is organically Wild-Harvested, Air-Dried and packaged in San Mateus, Brazil. The supplier Nativa calls it "Nature's Energy Infusion™ as it is rich in antioxidants. You can read more about the health benefits here.

Why does the Nativa brand taste so good?

First, by not over-harvesting the forests the yerba leaves are allowed to fully mature, yielding the richest flavor possible.  Next they discard the bitter-tasting stems. The leaves are then aged for a minimum of one year so they are properly "Air-Dried" before packaging. And finally, the cuts, and male-to-female plant leaf ratio, give Nativa its' unique, distinct and delicious flavor.

Come in and try some today!

Humberto likes it with a touch of vanilla flavor added.

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